Top Destinations For A Road Trip From Funen

Traveling is the best getaway, it takes your mind off of the hectic routine and recharges you with refreshing energy. It’s not a luxury but a necessity! With so much competition going on, our life has turned into a constant race where everyone wants to out-do the other without any regard for their feelings. In such a cut-throat world, you have got to keep up if you don’t want to get trampled on but the constant grind decreases your creativity and power to fight back. Travel is the ultimate solution in such cases and what better country to relax than the land of the happiest people alive, in accordance with UN World Happiness Report. A visit to this magical land will extract all your worries and leave you a better and content person. 

If you’re planning for a road trip then Denmark is the best place to start. It has a variety of captivating landscapes and well-distributed cities where you will find something new every corner. Denmark holds significant importance geographically. Its location is special because it is the most southerly of the Nordic countries and it has a land border with Germany, with which it shares the Jutland Peninsula. With more than 400 islands to its name, Denmark is known for having more than 7000 kilometres of coastline. Of the 80 inhabited islansd, Zealand and Funen are two of the most important ones, where you also find the capital, Copenhagen, and Odense, home of world famous writer Hans Christian Andersen.  

Denmark has a relatively moderate temperature when compared with other Nordic countries but if you’re planning a road trip we suggest you hit the roads during summer time there and do not forget to carry an umbrella with you because rains are common there even in summers. Enough about Denmark let discuss the cool places you can visit on a road trip around Funen, Denmark. Let's get started, shall we?

  • A. Egeskov Catle

    For 460 years Egeskov Castle stood beautifully 32.9 km in the south of Funen Island. This beauty is the best preserved loaded Castle in all of England and enjoys a halcyon location in a giant park that has won a variety of garden awards. If you’re traveling with your family then this Castle is the best travel destination. It engages every member of the family and keeps them occupied for days. The count that still lives in the castle organizes regular stage events such as, midsummer parties, concerts, and special exhibitions. The astounding feature of this Castle is Titania, the most magical dolls' house in the world. 

  • B. The Funen Village

    The Funen Village is just 15 minutes away from the island of Funen. This open-air Danish museum is located in the Fruens Bøge district of Odense. It features 25 buildings from Funish villages, most of which date back to the 18th and 19th century. This piece of art museum speaks the history itself and give you an exciting, authentic overview of what everyday life was like back then, operating as farmers, craft workers, laborers and servant girls in historical dress. 

  • C. Hans Christian Andersen's House

    You can’t go to Funen and not go to the island's capital city, Odense, the House of H.C. Andersen. In the heart of the cobbled street in Odense lies a tiny yellow house of the famous poet that was built in 1805. His house it today a museum where you can see and experience a lot of original pieces from his time in Odense. Throughout the city you will find tributes to this great master of fairy tales and the museum will work as a perfect starting point for a “tour de Andersen” where the 40 feet high statue at Bangs Boder will be a must-see.  

  • D. Avernako

    Avernakø lies in the South Funen Archipelago and is reachable by ferry from Faaborg. The island is just 8 km. long and accommodates about 100 residents on its 600 hectares land. This means that you can take in all the sights in just one day. The island is mostly secluded which makes it a perfect private yet romantic beach. The natives of Avernako celebrates Maypole tradition every year to celebrate the summer season. People gather from afar to celebrate the blessings of the warm season. The natives welcome tourists with open hands and are an excellent host.

    So if you’re planning a road trip from Funen, Denmark we suggest you check these places off your list first. The serene landscapes are not just a pleasant sight for your eyes but also has a rich culture to it.