Explore Visby

Every year a large number of holidaymakers travel to Visby to enjoy its remarkable beauty. Visby is the only town on the Swedish Island of Gotland, located in the Baltic Sea. It's known to be very charming and is undoubtedly the best preserved medieval city in Sweden. However, you need to make sure that you don't miss out on this beautiful destination when visiting Sweden. Gotland is easy to get to by ferry or airplane. Following are some must-visit places in Visby.

  • A. Visby Botanical Garden

    Visby Botanical Garden is a very peaceful place to chill out and relax. It's enriched with plants from all over the globe. The Botanical Garden was established in 1855 and has since been a famous oasis in Visby. Here you will discover many unusual plants, for instance, fig tree, mulberry tree and furthermore a huge determination of roses, a portion of the roses even blossom well into late harvest time. 

  • B. Visby's Town Walls

    Visby's amazing town dividers are about 3.5 kilometers long and were worked of limestone in the last bit of the thirteenth century. Visby City Wall is a medieval defensive divider encompassing the Swedish town of Visby on the island of Gotland. As the most grounded, most expansive, and best protected medieval city isolating divider in Scandinavia, the divider shapes a noteworthy and essential bit of Visby World Heritage Site. The view is worth seeing.

  • C. St. Nicholas' Church

    From Visby's Church of the Holy Ghost, a side street passes through the remains of the little 15th-century chapel of St. Gertrude to the remains of St. Nicholas's Church, which is the largest in Visby. If you're into history, this should be a must-see place in your list.

  • D. Gotlands Museum

    Gotlands Museum is one of the mightiest territorial historical centers in Sweden. It was built up by the Friends of Gotland's Antiquity society in 1875, at the action of P. A. Spare. The display has different houses and estates on Gotland, some of which are used as show lobbies. It similarly has a conveying house for books on subjects related to the island's inheritance. It merits a visit for both, grown-ups and youngsters. It has such a large number of intriguing verifiable stories that you shouldn't miss.

  • E. St. Mary's Cathedral

    Towards the west along St. Hansgatan, you will discover St. Mary's Cathedral, the only one of Visby's old churches still in use. It has a vast square pinnacle on the west front and two little towers at the east end. The south church remembers Burgomaster Swerting, who was executed in 1350. The church has a striking rose window in the gable. It's a great spot to visit if you're into historical stories and places.

  • F. Hogklint Nature Reserve

    Hogklint Nature Reserve is one of Gotland's highest cliffs and gives a heavenly view of Visby and the Baltic Sea. There are nice walking trails in this delightful nature reserve, you can climb along the cliffs right to Ygne, a fishing town of Hogklint. It's an amazing tourist spot and very refreshing, no matter what time of the year.

  • G. Faro

    Faro's view is one of a kind when contrasted with different spots of Gotland, it takes only seven minutes by ship to get there. Do visit the Langhammars Sea Stacks and Helgumannen fishing village when you're visiting. If you end up visiting Sweden, this is one stop that you certainly would prefer not to miss.

    If you find yourself visiting Sweden, these are some stops that you definitely don’t want to miss. Do yourself a favor and put aside a few extra days to take this magical trip.