Top Things You Must Do While In Oslo

Planning a trip to Oslo and don’t know what to do once you land there? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place as we are talking about the top things you must do while in Oslo. You must have heard that Oslo is obscenely expensive and well, that is true but with the things that we have mentioned, you won’t be filing bankruptcy! The best thing to do is to get you an Oslo pass which is valid for 24, 36, and 48 hours. The 24-hour pass is the cheapest of all but with so many places to visit, 24 hours aren’t enough! So, if you already have spent so much money to get to Oslo, why not spend two extra bucks to buy a 48 hours pass? Once you have bought the Oslo Pass, it’s time to get on the road and start exploring the places we have mentioned below!

  • A. The Fram Museum

    Ever heard about the strongest ship that was first sailed to the north and then to the south and it didn’t get affected? Yes, we are talking about the famous Fram. The ship has been sailed in Antarctic and Arctic and Norwegians have put the whole boat in the museum (Yeah, sounded strange to us too until we visited it). The ship is a majestic art and shows how the men on the ship survived the immense cold of the ocean. When you go to visit the ship on the ticket, you can explore the different rooms and decks.

  • B. The Kon-Tiki Museum

    If you are into history and exploring, you must have heard about the famous explorer Heyerdahl. He was almost on mission every time to prove to the world people have shifted to the far lands and they are settling their life there. Well, the point is that the two famous ships that were used by Thor Heyerdahl for this exploration are Ra and Kon-Tiki and both of them have been placed in this famous museum. Moreover, the documentary was also made on these two ships and won an Oscar as well.

  • C. Viking Ship Museum

    In this world of entertainment and TV shows, you must have heard about the show “The Vikings” which gained a lot of popularity with its rich ancient history. Well, you must be thinking what the link is? We promise that there is one as these Scandinavians have put a whole ship in the museum. The layout is very peaceful and beautiful which makes you wonder if Viking were really that violent or if they just built a bad reputation over a period of time.

  • D. Munch Museum

    The famous artist, Edward Munch was a great artist that was ever born and if you want to see his artwork, you need to visit this museum. In this museum, all his paintings have been displayed and are protected. Moreover, they are expanding the building as well to display more paintings. However, after you are done with roaming around and seeing the art, take a stroll in the adjacent park which is a pure work of art as well!

  • E. Fjord tour

    Oslo is famous for its amazing location which provides visitors and residents with some amazing nature and scenic beauty. If you want to see each part of the Oslo’s beauty, you can boo the Fjord, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of Oslo to make your trip a memorable one!

  • F. The Oslo Opera House

    Everyone talks about the famous Opera House of Sydney but have you ever thought Oslo Opera House can be a great place to visit as well? Well, leave Sydney and choose Oslo’s opera house because before the show starts and you’re sitting in your seat, you will feel the culture of Norway. Moreover, at the ceiling, a great chandelier has been added which portrays the image of a full moon and looks dreamy! The interior of the opera house has spectacular designs which make the visitors go awestruck!

    So, we are sure that you have made up your mind to visit these places. We hope that you have a great experience!