Top 5 Destinations For A Road Trip From Jutland

Constant traveling is what keeps you closer to nature and makes you realize the blessings of life. A life without adventure is like a book unturned. In our travel articles, we take to you places enriched with not only the fascinating history of our world but also to places where nature has sprinkled its fairy dust to make it look almost magical. Such is the travel destination we're going to discuss today. And we have a winner! You guessed right my friend, today we are going to shed some light on Jutland in Denmark. This enchanting part of Denmark invites tourists from all over the world to come and see its beauty, especially in the chilly winds of the autumn season. Besides the lovely countryside view, this city has to offer, there are numerous other travel destinations that we are going to discuss today.

  • A. Silkeborg

    Located in the center of Jutlandic Peninsula lies a Lake District called Silkeborg. This place is a nature's blessing to us human beings and is filled with Renaissance architecture, picturesque landscape, and adventurous opportunities. In short, it is a perfect recreation place for history fanatics and thrill seekers alike. This cosmopolitan town is located within a short drive from major attractions such as Aarhus and Legoland in Billund. The mesmerizing countryside in Silkeborg variety of activities for all ages so you just cannot resist its charm. From mountain biking to horse riding it offers it all. And this is not all, Silkeborg is the birthplace of many exceptional artists. You can explore their work of art at Museum Jorn, Art Museum Silkeborg Bad and Galerie Morderne Silkeborg. These cultural sights are beyond fascinating.apart from this, Silkeborg also provides adventurous opportunities to outdoorsy folks such as; cycling, rambling and, especially, canoeing.

  • B. Cold Hawaii

    The name says it all. Cold Hawaii is 198.7 km away from Jutland. Klitmøller is surfers’ paradise for the native Scandinavians, that’s just like Hawaii only a little bit colder. This area has practically turned into surfer’s colony living in Klitmoller where surfers have created an exciting environment that adds new life to the town. For many years Klitmøller has hosted the international surfing championship Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup with the top windsurfers. This event has now turned into the Cold Hawaii Games that is an even bigger event that also includes mountainbike, yoga, skateboarding and other events. Check out

    Jutland is a gigantic peninsula that contains mainland regions of Denmark. It separates the North and Baltic Sea and borders Germany to the south. This land offers exciting activities for people of all ages and contains some of the most astounding treasures of nature. Don’t miss a chance to visit this beautiful God gifted place. 

  • C. Råbjerg Mile

    Rabjerg Mile is the largest migratory dune in Northern Europe and is located 15 minutes south of Skagen. The locals call it the Moving Sand Dunes. The dune moves every year more than 15 meters towards Kattegat. This amazing natural phenomenon beholds the interest of tourists from all of Europe and other places. It’s ironic how the land of the lush countryside has this unique and iconic desert sight. Raabjerg Mile can be easily accessible by tourists traveling by car if they take the west coast route from Kandestedvej. 

  • D. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

    Eubjerg KnudeLighthouse is North Jutland and is one of the most visited places in Denmark. The reason for it being the beautiful nature scenery, where you can see how the ocean is swallowing up the land over the years and its come so close to the lighthouse that it is predicted that by 2020 the lighthouse will crash into the ocean. This comparison is almost poetic and fascinates tourists because of the greater message behind it that nothing remains constant in life but you cannot dwell in your past rather you have to enjoy the beauty of change because with change comes the hope of new beginnings. This poetically justified lighthouse was erected in 1899 and could be seen from 42 km away. As a part of the exhibition, Rubjerg Knude offers both indoors and outdoors activities in the surrounding area and has a new kind of museum which gives an insight into local conditions, which has been affected by rough nature conditions over time.

  • E. Grenen

    If you’re interested in sight-seeing then what better place to visit than Skagen, Grenen in Denmark where you can witness the power Mother Nature has over this universe. This ultimate command is reflected in a unique natural phenomenon which is the union of Skagerrak and the Kattegat sea. This is the place where you can virtually see the collision of waves. Due to the strong currents, swimming isn’t allowed, but there are plenty of other beaches in the area where locals and foreigners can enjoy. Apart from that, this is the place where most species of birds are observed especially in the spring season. The landscape of Grenen proudly claims to provide protection to its wildlife as a result seals can be seen sunbathing on the beaches along with the tourist.