Explore Malmo

Sweden is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking countries of Northern Europe. One of its coastal cities is Malmo, which is also the third biggest city of Sweden. Malmo is renowned for its beautiful city parks. All roads in the province of Skane in Southern Sweden lead to Malmo. So if you're looking for a new adventure, Malmo is a small, welcoming city with a good choice of cultural attractions, full of spectacular locations that will make you fall in love with. There is so much to see and experience. So here are some places that you must visit when traveling to Malmo. 

  • A. Malmo

    With more than 300.000 inhabitants Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden. Explore the city and try the meatballs with potatoes, gravy and lingon berries. Located just across the Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen, a visit to the Danish capital can easily be combined with a stay in the Swedish city or vice versa. 

  • B. Oresund Bridge

    Certainly, a short drive from the city will take you to the outstanding and well known Oresund Bridge that joins Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark. It's around a 15-minute drive from Malmo downtown region in case you're going via car, though the train trip takes around 35 minutes to arrive. It's a consolidated railroad and motorway connect and the longest street and rail extension of Europe. It's ideal for travelers, who need an association between Sweden and Denmark who prefer traveling by road. It's an exceptionally noteworthy bit of architecture. The underlying 8 kilometers is on the framework, while the last 4 kilometers is through the world's longest submerged section that takes you to the island of Peberholm. Either you go by car or train, you have to visit the Oresund Bridge if you're in Malmo.

  • C. Turning Torso

    Turning Torso is Malmo's tallest structure in Scandinavia, made from white marbles. It's a standout amongst the most visited tourist spots of Skane. The building is almost completely residential and only the top two floors are open to visitors and that too, for three weeks of summer. It's situated in the Western Harbor, and you should book ahead of time in case you're arranging an outing in the late spring amid its opening days. It's a 10 minute moment transport ride and a 25-minute stroll from Malmo Central Station. You can see the tower from all over the place and for the individuals who have an enthusiasm for contemporary design, at that point, it's a must visit for them.

  • D. Malmöhus Castle

    Malmohus Castle is Scandinavia's oldest surviving Renaissance Castle. This is the place Denmark's cash was instituted in the Middle Ages. It has been utilized as a fort and prison in the Fifteenth Century and was rebuilt in the Sixteenth Century. It's utilized as a historical center now and it's responsible for the preservation of culture. It houses a new aquarium and art collection. It's a standout amongst Sweden's most interesting attractions and a 15-minute stroll from the train station.

  • E. Folkets Park

    In case you're going with family or even companions, Folkets Park (which means People's Park) ought to be an absolute necessity visit in your rundown. It's a most loved spot for local people and guests both, particularly for youngsters. It has lakes, a prevalent children's play region, little scale golf, and a half-pipe for skateboarding. It's a standout amongst the most visited places there. Frozen yogurt stands and bistros are close by if you need a nibble. The recreation center is additionally utilized for celebrations and occasions. It takes 10 minutes to get there. You must visit it when you're in Malmo.

  • F. Kungsparken & Slottstradgarden

    Malmo is known for its city parks, Kungsparken and Slottstradgarden is one of Malmo's oldest parks which was initially known as King Oscar's Park. You can relax on the rich yards, feed the ducks, and investigate a vaulted natural hollow. It's particularly dazzling in autumn when the leaves are advancing shades. It's an incredible spot for rest and unwinding amidst a major city. It's situated on the fortification island, directly behind the Malmohus Castle. It's an extremely acclaimed place of interest and takes around a short ways from the downtown area.

    When planning a trip to Malmo, these should be the target destinations to lead your journey. It's often difficult to bring together a list of must-see places, but this will definitely help you out in exploring the topmost incredible spots.