London Road Trip - Top 7 Ideas

London is, without a doubt, one of the finest places to live across the world. But it is still a great idea to sometimes find a bit of time and take a road trip with your friends or family and go sightseeing in the nearby towns and villages. Here are a few of the top options for someone who would like to take a road trip from London. 

  • A. Brighton

    The best part about Brighton is that it is only a drive of 65 miles from London and yet its aura is that of a whole another country. You will certainly have the time of your life as you go crazy in some of the most popular pubs or perhaps take a romantic walk along the pebbled beach. While one part of Brighton is the beach town, the other is the university town that further adds to the versatility that it has to offer. Brighton will especially be an amazing choice if you are fond of the sun which let’s face it, isn’t all too common in the rest of England. 

  • B. Portsmouth

    For someone who wants to take a road trip from London but without excessive driving, Portsmouth should be the choice as it is only 75 miles from London. The beautiful island city is highly populated that gives you the freedom of experiencing and adventure that is filled with life. There’s always something interesting or exciting happening in Portsmouth. Being the hometown to the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens along with housing the old navy boats, it is a paradise for people interested in history. What’s more, is the Spinnaker Tower. With the exception of London, it is the tallest building in the United Kingdom. Imagine the view of the city from the top at a height of 325 feet. 

  • C. Plymouth

    Looking for a unique theater experience? Take a road trip to Plymouth and visit Annabel’s. Be it comedy, burlesque, or anything in between, Annabel’s got you covered. But that’s not all. Being in Plymouth gives you an opportunity to visit the Royal Citadel, Mount Edgcumbe House, and Saltram House. Moreover, who can miss the world-famous national marine aquarium? The Mayflower museum and steps, and the historic Devonport are among a few of the other attractions in Plymouth. But you will have to take a whole day out for Plymouth as it is located around 215 miles from London. 

  • D. Bath

    Is your body craving a calm and peaceful bath in the natural hot springs? Then get your car out and plan a road trip to Bath from London. The natural hot springs of Bath have been popular since Roman times. With the majestic architecture surrounding all of it, Bath is a perfect spot to inspire awe and have a refreshing experience with your friends and family. It is located at around 115 miles from London so you can easily make a day trip out of it. 

  • E. The Cotswolds

    Are you exhausted of the concrete jungle? Then it may be time for you to take a road trip to the wilderness. The Cotswolds offer a unique experience of tiny villages, bike paths, farmer markets, and a range of sceneries for a picnic, the memories of which you will relish throughout your life. It is located at a drive of 85 miles from London and is a perfect spot for a road trip for someone who is looking forward to experiencing a simpler, calm, and quiet lifestyle for a day. 

  • F. Oxford

    While Oxford has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing including the Radcliffe square, the Christ Church College, the Sheldonian theater, and the Ashmolean Museum, it is every bit worth the road trip from London (63 miles) for the sake of visiting the mighty campus of the Oxford University only. 

  • G. Windsor

    Visiting Windsor by road from London will satisfy your thirst for adventuring in a small town. You can begin with the Windsor Castle, the main residence of the Royal Family and continue your adventure to the smallest street that measures only 51 feet and 10 inches. The intricate pattern of secret tunnels under the ground is totally worth the road trip as well. Lastly, an exciting tour of the LEGOLAND is for sure an idea that you can’t say NO to. Truth is, some people are sold at the opportunity to explore the Legoland alone when it comes to taking a road trip from London to Windsor. All in all, it is filled with adventures that are perfect for a road trip as it is only around 25 miles from London.