Hamburg Road Trip - Top 5 Destinations

The brisk winds are literally the trademark of Hamburg, Germany. And who doesn’t like to embark upon an adventurous road trip with your friends or family when the weather is just that pleasant and romantic. The good news for you is that being in Hamburg, you are literally surrounded by exciting destinations which are just a few hours of drive away. Here are the top 5 such destinations which will make a perfect option for a road trip filled with adventure. 

  • A. Hamburg

    Inhabiting 1,8 million people Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. Very well known for its port which is the third largest in Europe, Hamburg is handling 138 million tons of cargo each year. With a vast selection of restaurants, shops and cultural opportunities, Hamburg is definitely worth a visit. 

  • B. Lübeck

    For the architecture lovers, the brick gothic architecture is as good as it ever gets. This is exactly what you get to explore with a drive of just one hour (45 miles) from Hamburg to Lubeck. To give you an idea of the gorgeousness that awaits you, UNESCO has entitled the port of Lubeck as the world heritage site. Be it the Holstentor city gate or the St. Marry towering church, the narrow network of streets or the Buddenbrooks Museum, the elements to amaze and excite you are plenty in Lubeck. Stay at the Hotel Anno 1216 in one of its most lavish suites with a river view that takes romance to a whole another level. For eatables, Vai, Café Niederegger, and Im Alten Zolln are the choices which won’t disappoint you. 

  • C. Schwerin

    Located at a distance of around 85 miles (2-hour drive) from Hamburg, is worth the visit just for the Neuschwanstein of the North. If you are into castles, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Its stunning looks and grandeur are a paradise for the people who are interested in history or the ones charmed by romanticism. While you are there, don’t forget to hit the Galerie Alte & Neue Meister for the finest and largest collection of Flemish paintings, and the world-renowned pieces by the likes of Marcel Duchamp, Max Liebermann, and Caspar David Friedrich. For a delicious lunch, Café Prag is at your disposal and finally for a romantic evening with a glass of lavish wine, Ruderhaus is waiting for you. 

  • D. Luneburg

    Germany surely lost a lot of its heritage through the world wars. If you are interested to explore the original architecture of Germany, Luneburg is pretty much the only town that has preserved itself against the damage of the warfare. Don’t forget to visit the St. Michaelis Church that hasn’t failed to impress and inspire awe in the tourists since the early 14th century. Hotel Bergstrom offers a 4-start comfort if you are looking forward to staying in town for a day or two. With its idyllic waterfront, pool, and spa, you won’t find anything missing in terms of accommodation. Luneburg is hardly an hour drive from Hamburg and is home to the oldest pub by the name of Krone. 

  • E. Bremen

    Bremen is yet another flawless destination for the gothic architecture lovers who are looking forward to driving from Hamburg for a picnic. Being a hub for cultural and economic activities, the city is always filled with life and events ranging from festivals to exhibitions to explore. You can also visit the world famous St. Stephens Church that was rebuilt after the Second World War. For someone who is looking forward to a myriad of activities with a short road trip of around 80 miles, Bremen is surely the perfect choice. 

  • F. Altes Land

    Here’s the fact. Not everyone likes architecture and city life. For a road trip, some are looking forward to hitting the countryside with lush green fields and meadows surrounding the path from all sides. If you are one such lover of the greenery and would like to take a day out for a calm and quiet, peaceful road trip from Hamburg to the countryside, Altes Land is going to be a perfect choice for you. It wouldn’t take more than an hour to get to Altes Land either so you can spend the rest of the time appreciating the beauty of the marshland and having a freedom to get the most out of the countryside lifestyle.

    Now that you have a list of top 5 destinations to hit on your road trip from Hamburg, all you need is the great company of your friends and family and you are all set to have the time of your life.