Djursland, Denmark - Road Trip

‘Life is a daring adventure or nothing.’ You should live an exciting life filled with exciting experiences so that twenty years down the road you have an impressive tale to tell your grandchildren. If you have the same ideology about life then pack your bag and set sail on stranger tides to fill the chapters of your life with something worthwhile. But you cannot just begin your journey without first settling on a travel destination. This is where we step in! We are going to be your guide to awesome land. This particular article is however for the travel junkies who would like to explore the interesting land of Djursland, Denmark. The thing that sets this place apart is the fact that Djursland is surrounded by sea from three sides which makes it a perfect vacationing spot for Scandinavians and other people from all around the world. This large peninsula offers activities for people of all sizes. From exotic sandy beaches to thrilling adventure theme parks, Djursland has it all. For your sake, we have gathered information about the best travel destinations on this peninsula, so when you do go there you already have an itinerary made for you. 

  • A. Sletterhage Lighthouse

    You will find the Sletterhage Lighthouse 37.7 km to the south of Djursland. This place is a nature’s gift to the photographers who are constantly on the lookout for amazing photography. This concrete lighthouse dates back to 1894 and stands proudly on the southern tip of Djursland. It guides ships moving to and fro from the port of Aahrus. It bewitches tourists from all around the world with the spectacular sight of the 400 meters light blue giants that were the World’s largest containers since 2013.

  • B. Kalø Castle Ruin

    Djusrland is not only famous for its amazing harbors; rather it also enraptures the tourist’s attention due to its historical importance. Sitting in the east of the peninsula, this ruin hints on the amazing castle that once held a fascinating history of a Swedish prisoner king, Gustav Vasa. Though the ruin is not easily accessible and requires 50 m walk from the parking spot, yet the panoramic view of Aarhus and Mols more than makeup for the tedious exercise. Today the castle is owned by the Danish State that works on the necessary constructional work to keep this historic place an attractive picnic spot for the tourists. 

  • C. Skandinavisk Dyrepark

    Skandinavisk Dyrepark is a Danish Wild Life Park in Djursland, located in Syddjurs Municipality in Denmark. This true Danish wilderness will give you an uplifting experience. With nearly 300 animals, this park has something of interest for everyone. The most fascinating feature that sets this wildlife park apart is the presence of 20 Nordic species, from polar bears to elks, which can be seen gamboling about. 

  • D. Djurs Sommerland

    Djursland is a complete package of entertainment. You do not want to miss out on 60+ amazing rides that will fulfill your thrill requirement for a lifetime. People from all over the world visit Djursland solely for the purpose of enjoying this amusement park. Djurs Sommerland has Europe’s fastest and longest family suspended coaster called DrageKongen that attracts thriller enthusiasts from all over the world. Your visit to Europe is incomplete without a visit to this park. Djurs Sommerland is a source of enjoyment for people regardless of the age bracket. 

  • E. Gjerrild Nordstrand

    Djursland is a beautiful city with lush green countryside on one side and mesmerizing sea on the other. One of its many beauties is Gjerrild Nordstrand where you can enjoy exotic sandy beaches that are not only relaxing but also child-friendly with its shallow water and fine sand. So whether you are planning to enjoy as a couple or a family, this place is worth a visit. Apart from the vast expanse of crystal clear water, you can also experience the migration of exotic bird’s first-hand. There are birds all year but spring seems to be a magical season for it. 

    All this and much more await you at the mesmerizing land of Djursland which makes it a perfect spot for family excursion trips. And though it is not a beach destination, you will find great beaches scattered throughout the region where you can experience nature at the fullest. So plan your next trip smartly and buckle up for a fun-filled adventure.