To the Ends of the Earth

All good things must come to an end — even land. Come with us on a tour as we explore the farthest reaching points of the astounding world we live in.

  • 1. Cape Cod

    Massachusetts, USA
    Take a scenic drive south of Boston and explore Cape Cod peninsula on the East Coast. Although locals once tried to hide the shark population, "Jaws" tourism has attracted large numbers of shark spotters. Drive to the end of the peninsula for a vast, untouched stretch of sandy beach. You may even spot the resident seals swimming. Alternatively, stop off in Provincetown to buy a large fossilised Megalodon shark tooth for a unique souvenir.
  • 2. Noirmoutier-en-l'Île

    Pays de la Loire, France
    This small commune is situated on the northern island of Noirmoutier, just off the west coast of France. The island is accessible from the mainland by an ancient causeway and a bridge. You'll find over 40 kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches, Mediterranean-style homes, turquoise waters and excellent local cuisine. The scenic drive around the island, the Route de Ile, visits all of the attractions and takes you through local villages.
  • 3. Cape Finisterre

    Galicia, Spain
    The Romans believed this rocky outpost on the northwestern tip of Spain was thought to be the "World’s End." Legend suggests people used to travel to Spain’s "Land's End" to watch the sun set. Today, tens of thousands of visitors make a similar pilgrimage. The Faro de Fisterra, the area’s famed lighthouse built in 1863, is south of the cape and protects sailors from the Costa da Morte – the Coast of Death.
  • 4. Cabo San Lucas

    Baja California Peninsula, Mexico
    Drive south along the Baja Transpeninsular Highway to experience the beauty of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. At 1,126 kilometres, the drive to Cabo San Lucas takes you across the second-longest peninsula in the world and includes stunning views from mountain roads and passes through colonial outposts. Cabo is a lively town and home of El Arco – the arch – the famous craggy tip of the peninsula. Some enthralling marine life, including breaching grey whales in spring and winter, can be seen here.
  • 5. Santa Maria di Leuca

    Lecce, Southern Italy
    The town of Santa Maria di Leuca is situated in the southeast "heel" of Italy. The ancient port is filled with 19th century architecture, castles, crypts, and churches — including the Basilica of Santa Maria Finibus Terrae (Sanctuary at the Ends of the Earth). Just offshore, boat trips allow you to explore the rich blue waters and grottos that line the eastern edge of the country.
  • 6. Kanyakumari

    Tamil Nadu, India
    The southernmost point of India has remained relatively untouched by tourism, despite being a pilgrimage point for travellers looking for the continent’s answer to Land’s End. Popular for its spectacular red sunsets and places of worship, there are stunning temples and churches along the shoreline. A Gandi Mandapam, where his ashes were kept before being thrown into the sea, has a unique design that allows the sun to shine on the spot where the ashes were kept each year on 2 October, the date of Gandi’s birthday.