Homes Away From Home of Football

A Road Trip Across France in the Summer of 2016

Story by: Stuart Roy Clarke

Author of books on mass gatherings: football and pop music festivals, serial exhibitionist (in museums and galleries mostly), commissioned and supported by all the football bodies at one time or another. Road-tripper extraordinaire. Look out for me. Mostly in England.



Ten cities in France have become the homes away from home for thousands of fans from across Europe. Since early June, they have been on a pilgrimage to these football meccas to get behind their team and (temporarily) claim parts of France as their own. Whether it’s hanging a flag at the local bistro, taking over a town square or marching down the boardwalk in droves, these locations become theirs. It might be for a full day or only 90 minutes but for at least a little while these places are football fans’ homes away from home. To capture these cultural juxtapositions we sent Stuart Roy Clarke on a road trip across France. Below are some of the highlights from his journey. 


11 June: English fans fuel up by the sea in Marseille before their first game against Russia. 

St Etienne

14 June: Away fans come together in St Etienne before their countries take to the pitch.


15 June: Slovakian fans head to a local brasserie in Lille to continue the celebrations after defeating Russia.


16 June: Welsh fans make themselves at home in a town square in Lens before their big game against England.